Horses in all disciplines greatly benefit from chiropractic care. We as owners, riders, and trainers ask our horses to do remarkable things for us, and they show great courage and trust in performing their best. Chiropractic care is a great way to keep them at peak performance and show appreciation for their hard work. It promotes improved biomechanics, optimal movement, greater mental clarity, and increased awareness.

When should I have my horse assessed?

Just like with our car, it is better to check the oil and water BEFORE it breaks down. The same principle applies for your horse. In most cases you will only notice a problem in your horse once their body is no longer able to compensate for an underlying problem. Over time, compensation patterns lead to injuries and/or decreased performance. Qualified animal chiropractors are trained to recognize and address subluxations in the spine and associated compensation patterns.

Subluxations often have no visible signs or symptoms until they have been present for a period of time.
Here is a list of the most common symptoms that may indicate the presence of subluxations:

Difficulty saddling and/or riding

Stiffness in lateral movement of the body and/or neck

Change in behaviour

Unexplained/periodical lameness

Decreased performance

Skin twitching

Abnormal gait and/or posture

Lack of coordination

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