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Chiropractic offers tremendous potential in animal health care. It belongs in the healthcare spectrum along with medicine, surgery, acupuncture, homeopathy, and other healing modalities. Chiropractic care does not pretend to encompass the entire study of health and disease, but it does offer possible explanations for disease as well as provide complementary therapy.

``You never know how far reaching something you think say or do today, will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.``
- BJ Palmer

My goal with every speaking engagement is to expose pet owners to chiropractic and educate them on how it can help their animals live a healthier life.

I have seen animals of all ages and stages benefit from regular chiropractic care - an older dog being able to get up with a little more ease, a cat regaining its ability to climb trees & hunt mice, a horse beginning to run well again after years of poor performance. Watching animals regain function and vitality is what keeps me passionate about sharing the beauty of chiropractic care for animals.

I am always looking for opportunities educate and share with others.

Should you know of events or opportunities where I can share this information, please get in touch.



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