Chiropractic care can greatly improve the performance, longevity, and behaviour of your dog. Chiropractic adjustments over the course of your animals life will help them to live a healthier happier life.

When should I have my dog assessed?

Although there are signs that your dog should be examined by a chiropractor, it is better to have them regularly checked to prevent issues from developing and ensure that your dog stays healthy and living life at its best. Many conditions develop in animals because owners wait until they see a problem before they do anything. However, most conditions exist in the animal for a while before they produce visible symptoms.

Here is a list of the most common symptoms that may indicate the presence of subluxations:

Difficulty getting up

Puppy sitting

Keeping their tail down/resisting wagging

Keeping their head down when walking

Inability or unwillingness to jump

Change in attitude, demeanour, or facial expression

Change in gait pattern

Sensitivity to touch

Incontinence of the bowel or bladder


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